Welcome to DigiSlidz! Helping to preserve your family heritage

Are your memories fading, then chances are so are you photos, slides and negatives.  Also your precious videos, (yes the Wedding one and others as well) are deteriorating.


DigiSlidz has been established to provide a superior affordable and personal slide, negative and photograph scanning service.


We take pride in our work and each photo, slide or negative is individually scanned, none of our work is bulk processed.  For our history and a summary of work to date please read this .

The services we offer are: 

Scanning of photos, slides and negatives
Samples of our work in video
Restoration of damaged photos, slides or negatives  please note we do not repair the original we only work on the digital image.
Copying of personal VHS videos to DVD.  Note this is not for commercial videos, we do not condone piracy.
Copying of personal audio cassettes to CD.  Note this is not for commercial cassettes, we do not condone piracy.
Samples of our fees are here and here 
If you would like more details please contact us on 04 233 1091 or use the inquiry form.