Photo restoration is one of the more interesting aspects of our work.  We scan damaged photos and repair them digitally.

Note we do not physically repair the damaged photo.  To twist an old saying "no photos are harmed in  the repair process"

We know how important the orginals are and therefore they are kept in a safe while the work is completed.




 Rust removal

This Sepia print on the left had quite a few rustspots on it.  We scanned the print and then reapired it by removing all the marks so it was almost like new again.

Photo Modification
Here we were asked to remove the flowers on the gentlemen's suits.  So once again this was achieved digitally and the original photo returned complete with the flowers!

Repair of damaged photos
We were asked to fix up the damaged photo shown on the left.  We scanned the photo and removed all the tears and marks on the photo.  Because of the extent of the damage this photo was cropped to remove the worst of the damage as shown in the final result

 Stuck framed photo
This photo was stuck solid to the glass of the frame and there was no way to remove it without risking damage to the photo.  The photo was scanned as shown on the left complete with the frame.  The image was then cropped and repaired as shown on the right.