Our Scanning Services

As the name suggests we provide slide, negative and photo scanning services.

There are three levels of service for both types of scan.

  • Gold - the premium scanning service, in addition to silver it includes minor repair and image improvement.  Large restoration jobs are charged at an hourly rate.
  • Silver - this is the bronze service with more correction of the image, cropping to remove the edges.
  • Bronze - This is a basic scan service with little correction.  If appropriate Digital ICE and/or Pixel Polish are used, but please note these do not improve all images and in some cases make it worse.


Digital ICE automatically detects and reduces dust, scratches, fingerprints, mildew and other blemishes found on film. With careful processing, it reproduces the quality at the time the picture was taken.

Pixel Polish automatic image-processing can make corrections for color and exposure.   Pixel Polish can also restore faded colors on film, correct backlit and under/over exposure, and check the restored image using a real-time simulation.